There are Amish in Maine

<p>Today I learned that Maine has Amish people. Smyrna, Unity, and Fort Fairfield have new communities of Amish coming from other parts of the USA and Canada. I think most of those people wanted a change. Those living in touristy Pennsylvania must have gotten tired of so many tourists. Northern Maine must be refreshing for them.</p><p>I am glad that the land is being used by them and not developers. It is a shame that so many old farms and dairies in New England have been developed into shopping centers, McMansions, and other crap. </p>

How to color frosting

When mixing color for your icing always mix a small amount of end color first to experiment. Start with white icing, add your base color then add very small amounts of secondary color. To keep the color consistent on the cake, mix enough of any one icing color for the entire cake. It is difficult to match the same shade of color again.

Antique Gold
An extremely small touch of Leaf Green to Golden Yellow

2 parts Orange to 1 part Golden Yellow

5 parts Sky Blue to 1 part Leaf Green

Moss Green or 4 parts Lemon Yellow to 1 part Leaf Green and a touch of black

Royal Blue, Christmas Red, Orange and Lemon

5 parts Rose Pink to 1 part Violet

9 parts Lemon Yellow to 1 part Leaf Green or for a darker shade, 5 parts Lemon Yellow to 1 part Leaf Green


Brown with a small amount of Red-Red

Equal amounts of Golden Yellow, Brown and Christmas Red

Creamy Peach and a touch of Pink, or Orange and a touch of Pink, or 3 parts Rose Pink to 2 parts Lemon Yellow

Dusty Rose
5 parts Rose Pink to 1 part Violet

An extremely small touch of Copper, or Ivory, or Light Pink with a small amount of Brown

10 parts Lemon Yellow, 3 parts Orange and 1 part Red

6 parts Rose Pink to 1 part Sky Blue

A touch of Black


Hunter Green
Kelly Green and a touch of Black

Use Ivory paste

Leaf green, Royal Blue and a touch of Black

5 parts Pink to 1 part Violet

3 parts Lemon Yellow to 1 part Orange

4 parts Red Red to 2 parts Burgundy

Touch of Burgundy with very little Black or 4 parts Red Red to 2 parts Burgundy

3 parts Rose to 1 part Orange


Misty Green
2 parts Leaf Green to 1 part Royal Blue and a touch of Black

Moss Green
3 parts Lemon Yellow to 2 parts Violet

Rose with a touch of Royal Blue

Navy Blue
Royal Blue and Black or 1 part Sky Blue to 1 part Violet

Royal Blue and Violet

1 part Orange to 1 part Rose

Violet with a touch of Christmas Red

Pink and Red Red or 3 parts Rose Pink to 1 part Christmas Red


Ruby Red
1 part Red Red and a touch of black

8 parts Orange, 2 parts Red Red and 1 part Brown

Silver Gray
1 part Black to 1 part Blue

9 parts Sky Blue and a touch of Lemon Yellow

5 parts Sky Blue to 1 part Lemon Yellow

Warm Gold
Golden Yellow with just a touch of Brown

3 parts Christmas Red to 2 parts Rose

Crochet shoes

The crocheted vamp and heel may be sewn to a stiff heel, as illustrated. If a soft sole is preferred, directions are given for a crocheted sole that will give excellent wear. 

Materials: Enterprise cotton yarn, 1 ball each of a color and white and 1 pair Kroshay wedge soles: Steel crochet hook no 1. Two buttons, 3/4 in diameter. If crocheted soles are used, 1 ball of white and 2 balls of color will make 1 pair of shoes. 

The instructions for the vamp are the same for all sizes. The adjustment for other sizes are made in the ankle strap and soles. To adjust straps, measure the length of straps needed for your foot. Each 6 sts added or deducted will change the strap length 1″. Make all stitches very tight for best appearance and minimum stretch. Finished vamp measures 3 3/4″ from top to toe, 6 3/4″ across, and 3″ across toe. 


Row 1: Start at toe witha color, ch 18, sk 1 st of ch, ** sc in each st with 2 sc (an inc) in end st: 18 sc in row. 

Rows 2-5: ending row 5 as follows: holding 2 lps of last sc on hook, cut color 1 1/2″ from work, pull cut end through the ch-1. 

Row 6: In working this row, work over the cut ends of yarn for several stitches to cover yarn ends and cut ends close to work. Join all threads in same way. Sc in last sc, * long sc in next sc (to make a long sc, sc over next sc, inserting hook at base of sc in previous row), short sc in next sc repeat from * across, ending with 2 sc in last sc (an inc.)  Drop white, join color as before. 

Rows 7-23 incl: With color, repeat from ** in row 1 through row 6 twice. Then repeat row 2 five times more. Finish wiht 1 row of sl sts, working tightly. Cut yarn 10″ from work, the 10″ end to be used later for sewing vamp to sole. 

Ankle Strap: Make 2. (Length 11 3/4″, width 3/4″ for medium size). With color, ch 70, 69 sc in ch. Ch 1, turn, sc across. Join white and work same as row 6 of vamp except without increases at end of rows. With color, sc across. Sl st in each st across tightly (11 1/2″ long). Place ends of strap side by side, with color, work 10 sc across the 2 ends. Ch 1, turn, sc in 3, (ch 4, sk 4) for buttonhole, sc in 3. Sl st in each st across. Fasten off. This adds 1/4″ to length of strap. 

Heel strap: Make 4. (Length 4″, width 3/4″ for medium size). With color, ch 25, work same as for ankle strap. Fasten off.St

Sew pieces to soles, as illustrated. Leave 10 sts free on sole at center toe for open toe heel straps. Use large needle and matching color in Enterprise Yarn for sewing to soles. Stitch through each row or st of the crocheted pieces and in each st on sole, pulling all sts tight to resist strain when walking.

Fold top of heel straps down 1″ on inside to form lp for ankle strap and tack securely. Sew button to buttonhole in ankle strap. If using crocheted sole, mount vamp and heel straps to sole in same manner, through each st on sole edge.

Note: If crocheted soles are preferred, see following directions.

 Crocheted sole: This is a double sole, 2 layers crocheted of Enterprise Yarn. Crocheted tightly it will be firm and heavy for house wear. 

Measure length of foot plus 1/4″, make a ch 2 1/2″ shorter than measurements, 2 sc in second st from hook, sc in each st to center ch, hdc in 4 sts, dc to 4th st from end, hdc in 2 sts, 5 sc to end st. On other side of ch, hdc in 2 sts, dc in each st to opposite dc on other side, hdc in 4 sts, sc to end. In both lps, 3 sc in first sc, 2 sc in next, continue with 5 rows of sc around. Inc 3 sc around toe in each row, with 2 sc between incs. Inc 3 sts at heel in each row, with sc between incs. Row 7: Sl st in both lps of each sc. Fasten off. Make a second piece exactly the same size and sew together back-to-back through 1 lp of each sc on edge. 



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Upcoming Botany/Horticultural Events

International Orchid Show

Johannesburg, South Africa

September 10-14, 2014


International Orchid Show

Santa Barbara, California, USA

March 14, 15, 16


Pacific Orchid Exposition

San Francisco, California, USA

February 21-24


Tamiami International Orchid Festival

Dade County, Florida

January 25 and 26, 2014

Orchid Paradise

Venice, Florida

February 1, 2 2014

International Botany Conference


Shenzhen, China

American Botanical Society

Botany 2014 – Boise, Idaho

July 26-30


Nostalgia About Posters

I have been dealing with a head and chest cold for about 5 days now. I hope I don’t have to see a doctor about it. I have thought that if it doesn’t go away soon enough, I will go in. I was thinking about my childhood doctor as a kid.

When I was a kid my mother brought my sister and I to a clinic to see our pediatrician. The building was a clinic for children as well as a community center. The pediatric clinic was on the ground floor of the building, where we would walk down some stairs or down the wheelchair ramp. The wall against the ramp was decorated with Sesame Street characters.

Of course the memories of going to the doctor’s are bittersweet. I did like the friendly doctors and nurses there. I did go for my checkups, but I also went there when I was sick–probably more often for that than my regular visits.


I do remember this poster, titled “One Hundred Cats and a Mouse”. It was hanging in one of the treatment rooms. I remember sitting on the examining table and looking at the poster. I analyzed all the funny-looking cats, and of course, I looked for the mouse. It made a good distraction from the treatments I would get, whether it be the finger-prick to test for lead or another injection. Nevertheless, I always hated getting pricked and poked.


I also remember this poster with a rainbow. I have always admired drawings with lots of detail and that have a lot of things going on in the drawing, so that the picture deserves a lot of analyzing.

It is only right that any pediatric clinic would be nicely decorated, in a way that will make kids feel better about going there.

How much easier they make it for kids. The doctor’s offices for adults are nicely decorated, but they don’t have the bright colors and sunny disposition of the children’s doctors. Going to the doctor is no different as an adult, it is equally unpleasant. We do get over the fears of the doctor (at least most of us do), but it’s still not so happy.

I do wish for fun posters and bright cheerful colors. Well, unfortunately, it looks like I aged out of that privilege.


From Aunt Marie

i am usually up before anyone else is. i use that for my God time.

that is so important to have that quiet time and read. plus i also

will put my small cd player on with my headphones so i won’t wake

anyone up.


i think you need that time alone with our God in heaven. this will help

with some of your ambition. emotional drain can make us feel tired.

ask God to lift you up. He gives us new ideas and peace of mine.


claim jeremiah 17:14 says – Heal me oh Lord and i shall be healed,

save me and i shall be saved, for Thou art my praise.


claim jeremiah 33:3 call unto me and I will answer thee, and shew thee

great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.


claim isaiah 55:6 seek ye the Lord while He maybe found, call ye upon

Him while He is near.


i have a lot more that i can share. thats what we are suppose to do is to

share what we have found. God has to be first everyday. here is another

verse for you. I Thessalonians 5:17 pray without ceasing.


i do not want to give you too much at one time but these are very valueable

verses to start memorizing. understand that God wants us to claim His word

daily. this will help give you  strength and peace.


share with deborah too and your mom as well. time is rushing by faster than

what we can comprehend. look at all the things going on around the world.

signs and wonders. be ye ready. ok got to go. i love you take care and God

bless you. aunt marie


A Letter to My (Single) Daughter (from God)My

A Letter to My (Single) Daughter (from God)

My Daughter,

You are right where you are supposed to be. So many people have theories and insights on how couples are to come together and the truth is that many miss it by interpreting what they want rather than what I choose. A man pursuing…a girl refusing, these are not necessarily the optimal conditions for mate selection. Adam did not “pursue” the Woman, nor did she spend her time creating ways to make it challenging for him to do so. Just like one’s purpose or date of birth and death, it is I who determines the “who, when, and where” of authentic and spirit-led matrimony and intimacy. It is the responsibility of both parties to follow as I, and I only lead.

You are not waiting on some man to “get his act together” or “see you for who you really are”, and no matter how it may appear to you in the physical realm, in the spiritual sense, “he” is right on schedule; my schedule. You are not to be listening to what man says, no matter what form the voice may reveal itself (media, tradition, statistics, naysayers, etc.). Remember, I decided when it was time for Adam to receive the miracle of female assistance and so if you have an issue with physical time, don’t take that up with anyone other than me; even then, know that I have your best interest at heart. Far too many of my daughters are consuming themselves with fear and anxiety about things that are really none of their concern. My ways are not your ways and until I unite you with the one you are purposed to benefit, his whereabouts and activities are not to be a priority to you. If you have not been joined to him yet, it’s simply because it’s not the right moment. He is not ready and neither are you. There are finishing touches that must be placed on you both and no matter how you may feel or what you might think, I am a God of order. I will not be pressured to move outside of my plan.

I know it must be hard. Flesh never likes to submit to my will. But please let me continue to mold you. Before you ever existed, you were hand-selected for someone and that has not changed. As the Creator, I am excited about my handiwork. Don’t go looking for answers to questions you are not able to conceptualize or present in a way that will intimidate me to react or respond. As I did with your parents, let me have the pleasure of presenting you as a gift to your mate. Ask your mother and father if they will ever forget the first time they saw your face. I want “him” to experience a similar thrill. If you want to channel out your energies, get excited about how excited I am about you; about how blessed I know he will be to have you!

Again, don’t concern yourself about the time. I am timeless. Concern yourself instead with remaining in my hands so that I can perfect you to be all that he needs— so that when it’s the right moment, there will be no fear, no hesitation, no question that you are indeed the one that he is meant to live out the rest of his days on the earth with. Far too many women are not praised on their wedding day by their husbands in the way I would’ve liked because they did not allow me the opportunity to complete them to be what was required, and the man was not discerning enough to know the true purpose that his companion was meant to serve in his life.

I want more for you. Love me enough to let me give it to you. Just as you are to be a blessing to him, he is to be provider and protector for you; he is to bless you as well in ways even your prayers have yet to articulate, but in my infinite wisdom, I know you deserve.

Remember, above all else that, like faith, marriage is a spiritual union. This is the time to remove yourself from your senses, from what the physical is telling you and tap into your spirit. This is when you can please me most by standing and believing that I am true to my Word…even when you don’t see, feel or hear evidence of its manifestation. The Spirit always moves at what you all call “light years” ahead of the flesh. It takes it some time to catch up. (Hebrews 11:6) Be patient. (I Corinthians 13:4)

Stay in my will and I will show you the way—a way that leads to love, bliss and happiness. A place where you will feel naked and not ashamed…until death parts you. A place where your future husband will restfully await you.

I love you. Be still and know. Really know. I do.

Your Heavenly Father
©Shellie R. Warren/2008